Rail Rush 2

Rail Rush 2 delivers some of the same satisfaction as Rail Rush did in the past. Rail Rush 2 is similar in that this genre brings some new characters to the table, particularly the hidden characters (there are many).

Anyhow, the initial level is challenging in that remembering the buttons will probably be the toughest task to overcome (if you’re good it won’t be an issue at all). The challenge is to get a set amount of obstacles (first level is 5), gems (10 on the first level), and change tracks on a set goal (20 times in the first level).

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The first level online kind of took me by surprise in that it was kind of challenging from the start and the tracks were hard to stay on when approaching an given sign or object that happened to have to be jumped over, but the controls were easy to navigate with the game, but memory is the key goal and never…..and I mean, ever taking your eyes off the screen for anything. It would be something to regret in that objects really appear pretty quickly.

The track is big enough to maneuver a bit on, but the left and right arrows will be your best friend for that….or your worst enemy, depending on your skill level.

The left arrow controls going left in the wagon that you’ll be on in the game while riding on a railroad track. The railroad track looks as if it is a gold mine of some sort and right arrow is the right while on the wagon. You have to use the up and down keys to go up or down, depending on which is suitable as they are random until you get close to the object. The first level is fun because of the challenge itself.

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This is definitely not your typical first level online game. It is challenging from the start and will definitely test your patience at various moments just like the original Rail Rush game. This game also gives you the courtesy of shopping for extra points and the adrenaline this game brings out in you is amazing. I first thought this would be boring, but as I started to play and saw how harder it was than I assumed going in, I instantly couldn’t get off of it.

This particular game moves extremely fast as so it will test your reflexes big time so if you’re looking to build that up, this is the perfect game for you. Another thing about the game is that all the gold that one individual player collects can be spent in the gold shop as I call it.

The cool features are that you get to spend just a little of your own cash to buy what you want and really need for some of the features of the game. Buying three additional characters from the gold you earn during the game is awesome as well and buying a new rack for the wagon or cart as some would call it is quite awesome as well.

I believe this game is only .99 cents so it is worth it and if you want to kill a little bit of time, I think you are on the right game because it helps A LOT with that. The game is enjoyable for many reasons and the music, game itself and technical graphic design makes the game even more compelling.

The thing that makes this game Rail Rush 2 online stand out more so than many other online games is that it combines choices in that you get to alter it in a lot of different ways. Game play is simple and the game is still challenging so I give it a recommend to check out.


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