Rail Rush 1

This game is awesome! I was on my break at work and decided to give this a go and I have to say that based on playing some of the other Rail Rush games, I enjoyed this one the most.

I started the series by playing the latter games (I happened to enjoy those as well) and it was refreshing to finally play the original one, which happens to be the best in my opinion. Now, the latter games of the series have way more things you can do along the way, but sometimes, less is more and this game proved that to a tee.

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I think to refer to this game as a “thrill ride” so to speak is an understatement and you’ll see the point once you play. Driving the wagon keeps you on your toes the entire game and one look away can spell dome for you. The Rail Rush 1 game is about staying on the right track and I use that word VERY loosely in order to earn golden nuggets and extra prizes and rewards.

Of course, that is no easy task and by dodging signs of various types by going either left or right and up or down, depending on what the scene requires of you. This game is challenging because you have to time the up, down, left or right at the “perfect” time which leaves you no room for error.

The scenery is essentially a gold mine and your job is to explore the mine by dodging various objects and successfully completing the missions. There are many obstacles as they are generally called that stands in your way enroute to completing the mission, not to mention, the speed of the wagon is also a big factor in how well you could do as that thing goes really fast on the track.

Gold nuggets and Gems will be your best friends so try to grab as many as you can while riding on the wagon, or cart as some may call it. The overall goal is to try to get as many precious stones as possible before the time runs out and before the board ends and you do that by catching as many golden nuggets and gems as you possibly can during the round and also along the ride, you’ll have the opportunity to grab numerous prizes as well so make yourself lucky and take advantage.

You’ll also have a collection as well and what you pick up along the ride, carries over into your collection if you want to get the extra prizes that the game has to offer….or characters. Equally important, keep in mind that the egg rocks are valuable for the sole purpose of getting gems making you come a lot closer to getting the extra prizes that the game has to offer.

One of the most unique facets of the game that I found to be very interesting was the different sceneries that you could put yourself in. You could go to a bunch of different scenes like waterfalls, nests from spiders, and caverns as well, which is enough to get me coming back more and more for now. Aside from my personal fondness for the challenges that this game presents, I have to say I really struggled with the first few levels out of the overall 6 levels and finally got over the hump to get stumped time and time again.

But as always, it is the challenges that keep us gamers coming back for more. So do your best to try and earn every nugget that you could possibly grab to unlock new levels, characters, and things of that nature. Well worth the time and a really good game overall.



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