Rail Rush Games

Rail Rush is a totally addictive, awesome 3D game for kids, parents, and grandparents(really for any living soul).  Anyone who likes action games will be hooked instantly on this one.

This is a seriously fast progressive game of a person riding in a cart on railroad tracks, through caves, waterfalls, and more, while dodging obstacles and collecting gold nuggets and gemstones.  This game is filled with adventure!  First, search for the game and check out all the screen shots on Google Images.  The screen shots alone will draw you right in, and you will want to immediately start playing this game.

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Sound easy?  Not really.  There are all sorts of obstacles to jump over and duck under, all while collecting gold, gems, and egg rocks by swiping them with your hands.  Some obstacles are on half of the track you’re on, and you can just tilt the cart while continuing to maneuver around the tracks.

Sometimes the tracks end or break or are under construction, so you have to switch your cart to another track to continue.  It gets really interesting when you have to switch to one track and right back to the first track and then jump over something.

The idea of Rail Rush is collect gold pieces and gems while going extremely fast down the railroad tracks.  You can also collect egg rocks.  Once an egg rock is collected, you break it to see what’s inside.  You then collect the gems that are inside in order to continuing racking up the points.


There are “specials” along the way that are places where you can collect more nuggets and gems.  These spaces are similar to a bonus area; however, stay focused.  This is not a good time to get a drink or take your eyes off the screen, even for one second.

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Every now and then in Rail Rush, there are power ups that boost you to extreme acceleration down the tracks and make you indestructible, for a little while.  Make sure you pay attention to when the game switches back to its normal speed, or you just may run into something, forget to jump, or fall out of the cart, ending your run.


When you first play the game, there is a tutorial that helps you understand what you have to do for each obstacle.  For instance, if you need to jump or duck, it shows you to use the arrow keys, and if you have to tilt left or right, the tutorial shows you to use the A or D keys.


There are four different characters to unlock as well as several different environments to explore, all containing a variety of paths.  Two of the environments are caverns and waterfalls.  There are also surprise levels, although I have not reached them yet.  (I plan to reach a surprise level today, as this game is very addictive!  I cannot stop playing this game!)


Finally, the graphics of this game are incredible.  You actually feel like you’re in the game.  Several times I caught myself leaning, crouching, or sitting up straight, to emulate tilting, ducking, or jumping to collect the nuggets and gems or to avoid the obstacles.


It’s important to note that Rail Rush is compatible with iPhone and Android.  In my opinion, this one is going straight to the top!


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