Rail Rush Online

Rail Rush is an exhilarating adventure like no other! Step into the boots of Bob Molechaser, or one of several other dynamic characters and start your journey through the depths of some of the most ridiculous mines you’ll ever see. But beware! These mines hold countless hidden dangers, and if you’re not quick enough, you’ll find yourself falling into the bubbling waters below.


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On the rickety rails above the tumbling rapids, you’ll race through the mine collecting as many precious stones as possible. Grab hold of gold nuggets and purple gems to your hearts content, all while jumping between broken rails, dodging, tilting and weaving to avoid every obstacle that’s thrown your way. And trust me, as soon as you’ve avoided one hurtle, another challenge is headed your way in the blink of an eye.


Staying ahead of this dangerous situation is no easy task, as you head through the caves, you’ll start to accelerate, and encounter even more hazards along the way. “Who built this thing?” you might scream while hopping back and forth between five sets of broken rails.


Controls are easy to get the hang of. Use the arrow keys to hop left, right, jump over, or under impending threats, and lean using the A and D key. While the controls are simple, mastering technique in this game is not. There’s a wide variety of ways to get wiped out, and if your not quick enough, you just might tumble out and get swallowed up by the cave!


This action-packed game will require all of your attention, as the game gets increasingly difficult as you speed along. Quick! Lean left, right, hop, and duck, to successfully avoid obstacles on your road to riches!

The cavern is dark and dangerous, but glory awaits you at the end of the tunnel. As you snag gold nugget after nugget, you get closer to improving your character and buying some of the crucial extras and accessories that the game has to offer. If you stick to the same character for too long, you might not be able to hang on much longer. But if you power up with some of the games top-notch gear, well then you’re on the right track!


By holding onto your winnings, you can upgrade, and become one of four major characters, all with their own unique skill set. If you find yourself with a significant amount of riches, you might even be able to upgrade to the notorious Charles Longshot, whose skills on the rail are matched by none!


If you’re good at saving your earnings, you can buy the Wood or Iron Ram to help you bust past barriers and head toward victory! Extras and accessories will also help you to equip yourself and survive this game all in one piece. The TNT Stick might be necessary to get to the next level, or if you’re especially talented, why not upgrade to Mega Steam Power?

With the game always gaining speed but never staying quite the same, you’ll be entertained for hours as you try to keep up and stay on top of the action. There’s always room to improve your best time, and no stop the gut-wrenching adventure in Rail Rush!


Rail Rush is an epic adventure that requires you to increase your skills along the way. You’ve got to keep beating your best score, and upgrading your accessories to have a chance surviving these perilous rails.


The pace and intensity of Rail Rush truly stands out. You’re bound to find yourself addicted to the never-ending threats around every corner of Rail Rush!



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